Tuacahn Center for the Arts

Fairy Tale Christmas (2019)
Jordan is reprised his role in Tuacahn’s madcap Christmas comedy, “Fairy Tale Christmas.” Seven actors playing twenty-five characters in ninety minutes - it was a joy to return to this show over the holidays!


Florida Studio Theatre

Carole's Kings (Spring/Summer 2018)
As a huge fan of 1970's folk, I am delighted to be singing with Carole's Kings. It's night of Carole Kings' hits sung by three men at a piano, with witty banter by the writers at Second City. 

Saint george, Utah

Tuacahn Center for the Arts

Fairy Tale Christmas
After a wonderful summer season, I am returning to Southern Utah for the holidays! I'll be getting mischievous, playing Rumplestiltskin and Jack (of Jack and the Beanstalk) in "Fairy Tale Christmas," a new musical by M. Scott and Michael McLean. 

2nd Annual Tuacahn New Works Festival (September 2017)
I was featured as Theodore Gert in Academy, a musical by John Mercurio. It is a retelling of Faust set in a prestigious all-male prep-school. 

2017 Summer Season
This summer, I appeared as Crutchie in Tuacahn's production of Newsies in Ivins, Utah. I was also featured in the ensembles of Shrek and Mamma Mia. 

new York, New York

This March, I performed at The Choreography Lab in a piece by Glenn Giron. The lab featured four numbers from Days of Rage, a new musical in development at the New York Theatre Barn.

Washington, D.C.

Shakespeare Theatre Company (Fall 2016)

In Fall of 2016, I headed to Washington D.C. for a production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. During the particularly politically divisive climate of the presidential election, I think the story could not have been more fitting to be told in our nation's capital. 

Harman Center Gala 2016

Alongside R&J stars Ayana Workman and Andrew Veenstra, I performed a song selection for STC's gala honoring Charles Dance (Tywein Lannister on HBO's Game of Thrones) for his contributions to Classical Theatre.

New York, New York

SOLARIS, June 2016 (Mabou Mines)

As a part of the Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program, I collaborated on a work-in-progress showing of SOLARIS, a theatrical adaptation of a science fiction novel by Stanislaw Lem. It is unlike any project I've worked on before, creating a movement vocabulary for a living ocean and working with a creative ensemble of dancers. 

BARKEEP, May 2016 (Bar Lumos)

Beginning May 10th, I will be performing in an immersive theatrical experience, Barkeep. From the creator, Karen Li: 

"Legend has it that Meng Po prepares a brew that everyone must drink before being reborn. This brew, often referred to as Five Flavored Tea, makes the drinker forget everything about their past life, allowing them to enter their new life with a blank slate. Barkeep combines this story with the idea of 'drinking to forget' to create the backdrop for the evening." 

I am excited to be creating this work with such a passionate creative team and a small ensemble of five performers. For more info, visit:

ASCAP Workshop, April 2016

I love the early stages of new musical development! What luck - I had the opportunity to perform in Pia and Peter Cincotti's new musical, The Last Laugh. Performing a 45-minute excerpt from the show, we the performers had a chance to dig in to fresh, bold writing, while the writers received feedback from industry professionals, including Steven Schwartz.


Caramanico, Italy (Summer 2015)

"And now for something completely different." I'm continuing my international endeavors in an unscripted venture! For six weeks I'll be developing an original interdisciplinary performance piece with a community of artists 3 hours east of Rome. We'll be performing the piece for two weeks throughout Italy. For more information, check out the Art Monastery website here, and stay tuned for updates on my social media links below!


International Tour (2014-15)

In Fall of 2015, I rejoined NETworks Productions and Broadway Entertainment Group as Lefou on the first International Tour of Disney's Beauty and the Beast! With new costumes, a new cast, and new destinations, this tour was the first of its kind; the show traveled through Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia performing in nine countries over ten months! I took my last bow as Lefou in Macau, China on July 12, 2015.

Domestic Tour (2013-14)

I spent nine months touring the United States with the NETworks production of Beauty and the Beast. Performing as Gaston's scrappy sidekick, Lefou, I re-opened the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, explored Houdini's trapdoors in the Grand Opera House in Macon, GA, and performed in the theater where I grew up seeing touring shows: the Curran in San Francisco, CA!


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